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Tactical Assault & Negotiations - Inspiration Sources

As you may know, many of the story's ideas came from multiple sources. This section is designed to list and explain to you all the sources from which inspiration was leeched.

Gunslinger Girl
Another major source of inspiration. The aesthetics of Gunslinger Girl are obvious throughout the entire site, from its design to the logo on top, as well as its idea of using mental conditioning to assist in outfitting children for war within the story.

Battle Royale
If Tactical Assault & Negotiations were to be made into a movie, Battle Royale would be the one movie it'd most closely resemble. As a writer, one must make details as vivid as possible, so as to help readers imagine it in a practical setting. Each reader, however, visualizes a story differently, and many of these visualizations differ drastically. I use Battle Royale to create a cinematic standard for people to visualize my movie.

The Movies - PC
The Movies
was an excellent game. But what does it have to do with my story? It's not so much a source of inspiration, but more of a tool that I use to help me visualize my story. I used the excellently detailed University-like buildings allowed for construction within the game's movie studio lot to help "create" my campus. Little hints of ties to that game can be found within my story, such as the firing ranges taking place on both a beach and bombed out street (both of which are sets available for filming one's movie). In the page The Base on the left navigation bar, I plan to create a visual screenshot of what the campus looks like, using The Movies as my ground.

Deus Ex: Invisible War - PC, Xbox
By far the biggest source of inspiration. Deus Ex: Invisible War brought to me the idea of including factions in the story. In fact, the factions in my story and those in the game's story are so closely related, one might even have the nerve to call this a preludical fan-fiction to that game, and... well, ultimately come very close to being right. Even the process of biomodification was inspired by Deus Ex.

Interesting enough?

Halo (book)
Of course, Halo has been a major inspiration to me. The books, at least. Both writers of the books (whose names don't come to me at the moment) were excellent in dishing out all the tiny little details of war and combat, and what it's like to be in the army. Oh, and by the way... anyone notice? "Admiral Preston Cole". Hehe. I'll probably be making a Captain Keezz later or something.


The Anime
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