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Tactical Assault and Negotiations

This is the official site for the member-based fiction, Tactical Assault and Negotiations.

This site is meant to provide you with information concerning the story, as well as a few resources you might enjoy peeking into. And it's simply an organized way for me to store all my information.

Enjoy peeking around.

NOTICE: This site has background music. It is recommended you turn off any music players you are currently using. On certain pages, the music does not start automatically (such as the character dossiers), but on others (such as this one), it does. A player at the very bottom of the page will allow you to manupulate the music.



Takeru's Avatar A Bunch of Updates
By: Takeru
May 10, 2006

I've done a lot of work on this site so far. It's probably what I concentrated most on during the vacation.

For starters, I totally revamped the Factions page. Each faction is now split up into different categories. I also added some logos to certain factions, such as The Order Church. Thanks to Deus Ex for the stock image of the logo.

I also changed the Dossiers page to allow listing by Squad or by Rank. By default, it's listed by Squad, but you can change it if you desire. Also finished Chrono's dossier.

Added Chapters 2 and 3 to the story, and I added the TOS. Lovely.

Finally, the only change that you saw on this page: the slightly new design idea. Instead of having the title in the little cell above the table, I now have it between two horizontal lines in the table. It kinda clashes with the news page, but it looks better everywhere else.

I also managed to get Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 done, but Chapter 6 was a rewrite. My hard drive likes to wipe recently saved data VERY often. Or maybe it's user error. Either way, I had like 15 pages written for Chapter 6, it got deleted, and I had to rewrite it. Damn. So it's probably not as good as it should be, since I had to rewrite it from memory.

Either way, it's finished, and it'll probably be uploaded soon.

~ Takeru

Takeru's Avatar The Warring Factions
By: Takeru
March 18, 2006

Section 2-501's story isn't an easy one to tell. It's not a simple story at all in the first place. There are intricate fantasies, strange conspiracies, megacorporations, questionable moralities, the ways of politics itself, and maybe a coffee shop here and there that interferes with the expansion of TacSaultNeg. And sometimes, keeping track of all these various forces is hard work.

So comes the Factions page, the newest addition to the site. Here is listed a large number of factions in the world that have been involved with Section 2-501, as well as summaries concerning their existence and their influence on 2-501.

It's long and confusing, so get comfortable.

~ Takeru

Edit: I also added dossiers for myself, Victor, and Caroline. Will get to others soon.

By: Takeru
March 16, 2006

The site for my story is up. I just decided on a whim that I needed an organized place to keep all my references. What wasn't more organized than a website? Better yet, it would help make my story public.

So this site, obviously based on the designs of the Gunslinger Girl site (except not in flash T_T), is now up and ready to go. I'll be transferring most of my content from my cluttered Word documents over here soon.

Until then, enjoy the logo. =D

~ Takeru


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