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Staff Section

Welcome to the Anime Network!

We are a community-operated fansite dedicated to bringing you the best in our favorite anime. We strive to bring you whatever meets your expectations, and help you get the most out of your anime interests.

The different anime are listed as small buttons on the right side of the site. Links leading back to the main site are on the left.

We hope you enjoy your stay!

News and Updates

Slinging guns before bedtime.
August 2, 2006
Update by: Takeru

Two new sites have been introduced to the lineup of official AN Community Sites.

The first is "Gunslingers of Italy" (which is a beta name, by the way), featuring the anime Gunslinger Girl. It has a greyish color scheme, and its button is labeled "GSG", featuring Henrietta.

The second is "Sugar, Spice, Ramen and Rice", featuring a fan-doujinshi called Powerpuff Girls Z. The color scheme is a combination of blue, green, and red, and the button leading to it is labeled PPG that has a picture of Buttercup.

I did something different with the design on the PPGZ site; instead of using two colors, I used four: white, red, green, and blue. The look I was trying to achieve didn't come across all too well, but... you know, it was worth a shot. It looks weird, but I will make changes to it in the future once my image editing skills have improved.

The creation of the PPGZ fansite may lead to some debate, so I will justify its existence. The AN Community Sites is based formally on both anime and manga, and since PPGZ is drawn with a style heavily influenced by manga and has a story portrayed in a similar fashion, it could be considered a manga drawn outside of Japan (in this case, the Philippines).

"Eternal Snow", the Full Moon wo Sagashite site, is well underway, with the layout and content planned. Caroline, its supervisor, has yet to decide what color scheme to use with it, but otherwise, it will be introduced as soon as it is completed.

A new site is also being planned for the comedy anime "School Rumble". A name has yet to be decided.

Finally, the Gundam SEED Destiny, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, Shinigami no Ballad, and Hantsuki sites have officially been dropped from our list and its supervisors removed from duty. However, the sites are open for revival at the request of anyone willing to supervise it, in which case, are allowed to sign up once the Community Sites board has been reconstructed.

That's all for this relatively major update. Enjoy, and remember:

Feet first into hell!

~ Takeru Yamamoto

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We've Missed You
August 1, 2006
Update by: Takeru

It's been five long months since the last update, and for that I will apologize to anyone who has been looking forward to this site's expansion.

But for reasons I'm not going to make public... I've decided to start working on the AN site again.

To celebrate the site's revival, I have introduced the Black Cat site, which can be accessed on the right column via the purple button labeled "BLK". Content is already being developed and processed for the site, and will be uploaded in a number of days. It currently has no official name, since its bakavisor Ciara is too dumb to think of one at the moment, insisting that it should simply be called "Black Cat". However, she has expressed her willingness to continue writing content for this section, for which we can be grateful. Ciara, we're glad to have you onboard and are looking forward to seeing your work.

I am also planning a new site for an anime called Full Moon wo Sagashite, which will be named "Eternal Snow". It will be opened soon, and I have already nominated a supervisor for that site, our beloved Caroline. Whether she decides to accept my nomination or not is up to her, of course, but there is no better candidate I know of.

I would also like to remind everyone of something that no one seemed to realize, something that everyone seemed to pass off as another day in the life, another simple summer breeze. Something that went unannounced in this five month hiatus. As of June 14, two months ago, it has officially been three years since The Anime Network was created as The Digimon Frontier Network by our former founder, Optic. I, and hopefully everyone else who has been with us these past years, look forward to seeing another successful year come to pass as The Anime Network continues to grow.

And so, as the first day of August draws to a close, I say to all of our members and fans...

"Welcome back. We've missed you."

~ Takeru Yamamoto

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March 28, 2006
Update by: Takeru

Finally finished with the Card Captor Sakura section, titled "Shiawase no Sakura Namiki", named after a song in the Card Captor Sakura OST. It's very, very pink. Yes, I know Sakura's the only one in the banner. She only looks good up close, and she can only be up close if she fills a large percentage of the banner. There... just wasn't enough room for anyone else. ^^;

I had a lot of an easier time making the CCS site, since my computer was just absolutely laden with CCS images. Specifically, the images in the nav bars were taken from the 2001 and 2005 calendars, while the banner image used the 2001 calendar cover. Yes, I'll host those with the image gallery, no worries. The background behind the banner is taken from the first opening, right near the end. It's so pretty. ^^

I'm thinking of doing something similar to the Fullmetal Alchemist site too. You know, throw in an alchemy circle behind Ed. It'd be cool. ^^

Also updated the Chrono Crusade website, and added three new episode guides, courtesy of Caroline Beaney. Thanks for your work!

I made some small cosmetic changes to the site. Implemented a different type of background, to be more precise, and also removed the Happy Valentine's Day greeting on the main page. A banner change is soon to come for the forums too, with the theme "April showers bring May flowers"... of course, that doesn't reply to you guys out below the southern hemisphere. You Australians and your perpetual summers... T_T

Until then, happy surfing!

~ Takeru Yamamoto

And God said, let there be Chrono Crusade.
March 6, 2006
Update by: Takeru

And there was. The Chrono Crusade section, titled "The Astral Line", is now officially up. I used the dark blue layout that I used for my old Detective Conan site that was up during the first quarter of 2005. Of course, there's no content, but expect an episode guide or two in the coming hours. Caroline's been working hard.

Snap the nav bar to the right, and you'll see that there's now a small list of buttons. Currently, there are only two buttons, since there are only two sites. The first one is Main. That'll lead you to this page. I don't think you'll be clicking that yet. The second one says "Chrno", and that will lead you to the main page of the Chrno Crusade section.

Optic requested I removed his full name. If you know who Optic is, you know who I'm talking about. If you don't, then good. That's the point.

Vale's been working hard, and so far I like (most of) his work. A staff logon system is well underway, vaccum-packed fresh with content submission. And not only that, the site's news system will probably be replaced by something more dynamic. Yes, that most definitely means comments, avatars, and probably me not being the only one making news posts. Once Vale is done, the site production will probably be going faster than it is now.

Problems with attaining design material for some layouts, especially that of Black Cat, Gundam SEED, and Naruto, make the creation of those sections slow. So if the supervisors can send me (or post) some screenshots and maybe a high-quality picture or two, I can get to work on those sections.

The next section slated for release at the moment will probably be Gunslinger Girl. Then, Card Captor Sakura. Both of those I have a lot of materials for.

So until then, honana!! =D

~ Takeru Yamamoto

And So It Begins
February 22, 2006
Update by: Takeru

Well, here it is. The website. After two months of planning, I've finally managed to get the thing running.

As of this point in time, I haven't managed to figure out what I'm supposed to do with the codes, and I haven't seen Vale online for a while, so he can't help me. So for now I'm using the ritualistic edit-the-page news system instead of the dynamic one, until I can get the real thing working.

The site is still in beta stage, meaning it's nowhere close to finished. More and more content and the different categories will be added as the days pass, so until then, it's just this page for you to stare at for hours upon end. Enjoy!

~ Takeru Yamamoto


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