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Each soldier is unique. They have their own beliefs, their own personalities, and of course, their own style of combat. The military takes advantage of the traits unique to each soldier in order to form an extremely balanced combat unit.

Each soldier's strengths and weaknesses, as well as personal data such as age and history, is listed below in separate dossiers. Soldiers are listed in order by rank. Click to view a soldier's dossier.

Further below the soldier dossiers are other soldiers that are listed as having to do with Section 2.


Section 2-501 Soldier Roster

Organize by: [ Squad ] - [ Rank ]

Assault Squad Alpha - Codename: Aslan

Cnl. Victor “Optic” Chan
Sgt. Lindsay Immers
Cpl. Valentine Rauko
PFC. Samantha “Crimson” Santos
PFC. Amanda Archer

SpecOps Squad Alpha - Codename: Sakura

Lt Cl. Takeru Yamamoto
Cpl. Samika “Sami” Takeuchi
Cpl. Thomas H. McEnroe
Cpl. Mac McFearson
PFC. Christina “Chris” Belous

Recon Squad Alpha - Codename: Nadeshiko

1st Lt. Caroline Beaney
Cpl. Thomas “Chrono” Stacey
PFC. Silvia Sterling
PFC. Ivan Suiku
PFC. John P. “Daisuke” Kowalski

Heavy Arms Squad - Codename: Blitzkrieg

2nd Lt. Clint “Xander” Zurburchen
Cpl. Sam “SamCatBoi” Iai
Pvt. Ihthisham
Pvt. Khairul N. “Knasrijam” Jamalludin
Pvt. Hunter “Corrupt” Lopez

Assault Squad Bravo - Codename: Cheetah

Sgt. Cristine “Cam” Mallari
Sgt. Ciarline "Ciara" Mallari
Cpl. Rhealyn Letada
Pvt. Wei Jun “Fabian” Sah
Pvt. Gary Phua

SpecOps Squad Bravo - Codename: Maelstrom

Sgt. Paul “Darkstorm” Baümer
Sgt. Carly “Ishtar” McKillip
Pvt. Shaneen “Digifan”
Pvt. Chanae "Maya" Miyazono
Pvt. Arthur S. “KoriKakumon” Poe

Recon Squad Bravo - Codename: Tsubasa

Sgt. Addelle Y. “WindyNight” Ying
Cpl. Justin “Kaze” Sanders
Pvt. Wesley “Anima” Yang
Pvt. John “Yamaki” Wong
Pvt. Jack “Darkeon” Waichouski


  • Admiral Preston Cole of the US Navy
  • Chief Petty Officer Andrew Remarque of the US Navy
  • Chief Lieutenant Tirus Hayes of the US Navy
  • General Bryan Neral Alutris of the US Army
  • Chief Inspector Greg Stiles of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Ambassador Thomas Raines of the Australia Federal Executive Council

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