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"You have officially been enlisted into The United States Army Section 2, Regiment 501, codename: Tactical Assault and Negotiations. You are going to become the best we can make of you. You will become the defender of Earth and all her countries."

This is the letter that 35 different men, women, and children from around the world received on February 10, 2003. Handpicked by agents from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and organized by US Navy Admiral Preston Cole, these seemingly normal people are first in line to become elite soldiers, destined to fight for the peace and welfare of the human race.

Led by Colonel Victor "Optic" Chan, these soldiers, ranging from the most incompetent schoolchild to the most streetwise crookster, are trained under harsh conditions and subjected to daring challenges. Friendships will blossom and rivalries will rage as each soldier learns to understand the ways of their fellow comrades. And lives will change as they decipher their true destiny from the future set before them.

With the modernized technology of 2003 and the most developed training programs available in the world, these soldiers are ready. To become the most elite soldiers in history. To fight for peace and prosperity.

But most importantly, to learn that not all wars can be won with a weapon.


The Anime
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