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The Astral Line - Episode Guides

Below is a list of episode guides for all the episodes of Chrono Crusade.

There are 24 episodes in existence, 15 have been documented, and 15 have episode guides.

Episode Guide List

  • Ep. 1: Pilot - Sister Rosette
    Exorcist Rosette Christopher and her assistant Chrono are sent on a mission to dispose of a hellish threat, and meanwhile, chief scientist Elder seems to have cooked up a new weapon for the team's arsenal...

  • Ep. 2: Covenant - Contractor
    Rosette is sent on another mission, but in her arrogance she inadvertently loses her pistol in combat. Rosette desperately searches for it, fearing Sister Mary's wrath, but the loss of her weapon puts much more at stake...

  • Ep. 3: Apostles - The Angel
    Sister Rosette finds herself in the search for a young girl with strange powers, but she is in the posession of a rich hotel owner and his... mysterious comrades. An unplaceable danger looms in the eyes of these strange men...

  • Ep. 4: Sinners
    Azmaria finds herself in the hands of the mysterious Ricardo once again. She is taken aboard a mysterious flying vessel, where she is held prisoner to the merciless torture that is dealt upon her by her captors.

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